Christmas Bazaar sale of my Christmas Crafts- Bizarre Bazaar coming this weekend in Roswell, Georgia

I am very nervous because I am getting ready to participate as a vendor in a Craft Show located in Roswell, Georgia called: Bizarre Bazaar. The hours are Saturday, December 3 from 10 AM to 4 PM and Sunday December 4, 2016 from 1 PM to 4 PM.  It is sponsored by the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance located at 9100 Fouts Road, Roswell, Georgia. It is located in the main building of the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance that is located off of Holcomb Bridge Road (exit 7 off 400) behind the East Roswell Public Library. This is a small house that is located in the East Roswell Park. This is a fun event because various vendors, including RFAA members, get together and shares their crafts, sell to customers, talk, share cookies, etc. There are cookies for sale and even have Chef Wendy’s Kitchen. Chef Wendy’s soups are delicious and her sandwiches are also very delicious. They are sold in coordination with the Bizarre Bazaar Craft show. I also enjoy that we have a strange and creative Christmas hat contest. This year I am ready to bring a hat that I know others will not have because I spent a couple of weeks working to get a fun hat for the show. I also enjoy making the crafts for the show. In previous years, I brought jewelry to the show and was not able to sell much. I really enjoyed making jewelry but this year I have been working on a new craft. This is my first year making Christmas ornaments. I have been working on making ornaments since August, 2016. The idea of making Christmas ornaments came from my husband Patrick. He is a practical individual who suggested that if I don’t sell any Christmas ornaments at the craft show I can at least place them in our own Christmas tree at home. I am more optimistic in that I think that I am going to sell some if not all the Christmas ornaments that I have created for the show. Each Christmas ornament is different and original. I have not made two Christmas ornaments that are alike. All the Christmas ornaments are handmade and created by myself, Rossana Kelton. I learned to play with a glue gun and I also had some other Christmas ornaments experiences. I decided that since I had never worked on Christmas ornaments I was going to look at a few YouTube videos to learn how to decorate Christmas ornaments. I learned that some of the crafts that are on YouTube don’t really work as demonstrated. For instance, I wanted to make Christmas ornaments that were abstract so I decided to paint them as in a YouTube video and began by using some of the acrylic paints which I had around. I noticed that the acrylic, after coating the inside of the ornament did not dry for a period of 7 days. I had to wash all the ornaments off and begin again. I also had to purchase more paint that adheres to glass. I did not realize that glass Christmas ornaments required so much work. I also learned to adhere jewelry to the ornaments but did not realize that some jewelry can come off later after the glue is dry because it is very heavy. I also had an added requirement that I had to abide to the RFAA membership regulations (charter) and could not create any Christmas ornament that had any religious or political theme. This was easy for me since I was making a lot of ornaments with abstract art images that don’t have any specific theme. I also had to learn to use a glue gun that is more cool than hot. I really enjoyed learning to create a new craft such as Christmas ornaments. I am ready to begin refurbishing some of the old Christmas ornaments that I have stored for this year’s (2016) Christmas tree. I plan to continue utilizing my skills to make more beautiful creations. See you at the Bizarre Bazaar…..



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