2017 Happy New Year

For 2017, I have the following New Year resolutions:

  • To create more artwork that meets my own time-frame. I plan to create artwork without having to meet deadlines for art shows, etc. Meeting deadlines interferes with my creative process.
  • To create a professional logo that meets all my business goals.
  • To implement a marketing plan to create work that is marketed to interior designers and galleries.
  • To sell my art. I want to begin to seriously sell my art instead of having my art hanging in my gallery at home.
  • To create more quality artwork that I can show in different venues.
  • To improve the quality of all my work. This includes my online presence and my current internet sites. To dedicate more time to manage my internet sites.
  • To network with more people on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • To write a second book about art, etc.
  • To create more free time to dedicate to my artwork.

These are my New Year resolutions for 2017. I will post during the year in terms of the progress of these resolutions. I also welcome other ideas, etc.


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