Innovative Marketing: Augmented reality business cards


I wrote about this yesterday in LinkedIn but I am going to write about this on my blog because I think this story is huge. I am going to bring some portions of my previous post on LinkedIn:

Augmented reality is an innovative technique to market your goods and services through business cards that do more than look good. Augmented reality lets the reader indirectly or directly views elements of the physical environment augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. This means that your current perception of reality is enhanced by computers. The application of this technique to business can be limitless. For example, I was searching for new and innovative business cards for my art business because I have described myself as an artist of innovation. Therefore, my art and my business model have to have the look of creative innovation as well as the use of the latest technology. I discovered that I can create a business card and then freely add visual enhancements that are not limited by the space of the small business card of 2 x 3 inches, for example. I can add a QR code that with an iPhone, my customer can see the latest coupons or deals. I also discovered that I could enhance my business card by adding a video of my process or images of my portfolio. The idea of adding items to the business card that can be seen through an iPhone makes my brand more innovative and less forgettable than the regular rectangular business cards. I can also add other things such as sound, or GPS data to the location of my gallery. The idea is to be creative and to move in a visual expression that is beyond the limitations of the physical small business card. I want my customers to experience a game, for example, or a song if you are in the music industry. The possibilities of using this technique are endless. Let just say that the idea of adding something like that to one of my paintings and making the whole artistic experience more fun and innovative are a great temptation. I want everyone to walk through a gallery and view my art and point their I Phones to take a picture, and find new surprises.  The strategy is to create your own business card and to add the augmented reality to it with apps. I plan to try to add the computer-enhancements using an app that was on YouTube.  The app is called Geozet. I plan to try it and see if my business card experience can be enhanced with augmented reality.

To view my art follow my LinkedIn site Rossana Kelton, Artist of Innovation.

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