Cyber Monday Sale at Rossana Kelton’s Shopify store

I am having a short Cyber Monday Sale on 11/28/16 2 PM at:

My whole collection is going up for sale in the next few minutes at a discount of 10% off. This is a one-time sale at my shopify store.


Christmas Ornaments

I am selling my new Christmas ornaments on December 3 and 4, 2016 at a Christmas Bazaar called Bizarre Bazaar located on the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance on 9100 Fouts Road, Roswell, Georgia. The hours of the show are on Saturday, December 3 from 10 AM to 4 PM and Sunday, December 4 from 1 pm to 4 pm. I have posted the ornament images on facebook at:

See images of some ornaments below:




I also plan to set up an Christmas tree with Pink ornaments to donate all proceeds from the sale of those ornaments to Cancer research. I will post an image of that tree next.


Rossana Kelton, Artist of Innovation

Election day

Today is November 8, 2016 and it is Election Day. I am still preparing to for Bizarre Bazaar in the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance yearly craft show on December 3 and 4, 2016 at the 9100 Fouts Road, East Roswell Park, Roswell Georgia. It is located right off Holcomb Bridge Road, Alpharetta, Georgia. I have already voted and I hope that everyone comes to visit me at the Bizarre Bazaar to see my new ornaments. I am still trying to figure out how to improve on my painting of the ornaments. I am still working on ornaments even during Election Day.


Happy Halloween 2016

As many of you crafters, I wish everyone a Happy Halloween but as I participate in the feast of Halloween, I am looking forward to a future craft show in December 2-3, 2016 in the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance located on 9100 Fouts Road, East Roswell Park, Roswell, Georgia   behind the East Roswell Library. I am working on making Christmas ornaments this year and I am getting ready to hand out candy tonight while at the same time, working on painting Christmas ornaments. I have spent the month of October learning how to make this craft and I have had a lot of mistakes. I call this a learning experience in that you can only learn from your mistakes.

I have been looking for supplies and I realize that many of these supplies are going to be more available the day after Christmas. Hence, as a learning experience, I will stock on supplies the day after Christmas for the 2017 Christmas Bizarre Bazaar at RFAA. I continue to paint those ornaments which I have purchase as blanks but next time I plan to buy materials which have a background already so that I can concentrate on the design only.  Also, I have purchased some jewelry snowflakes wire, that comes already set with six sides to make snowflakes. This is a product that I just discovered recently while watching a YouTube video on making beaded snowflakes.  I have been using old beads from a previous jewelry project to make snowflakes. I plan to sell those at the Bizarre Bazaar on December 2-3, 2016 at the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance located on 9100 Fouts Road, East Roswell Park, Roswell, Georgia

Therefore, Happy Halloween to all of you who participate and also happy painting.

Creating painted Christmas Ornaments Project (2016)

This is a small communication as to the progress of my Christmas ornament project. I decided to paint Christmas scenes on ornaments this year as opposed to other YouTube how to presentations that show you how to paint the inside of a clear ornament with various paints. I tried doing the inside of an ornament following the YouTube presentations with acrylic and it was one week and the paint was not sticking to the inside of the glass ornament. I learned that ornaments made of glass do not work well with regular acrylic paints. I decided to purchase paints that work with glass and that worked a little better. I also had ornaments that the paint did not stick at all inside the ornament. I proceeded to paint the outside of the ornament with regular enamel spray paint and that work well. I also learned to follow directions. If the procedure stated to wash the ornaments, follow the procedure and wash the ornaments. I learned that glass ornaments come with a clear cover that washes off and then you can paint over the actual glass ornament. I think that this is a protective cover to keep the ornament from breaking but once this cover is removed, you can use acrylic paints to paint over the glass. The enamel glass paints are more transparent. Use opaque acrylic paints (including white which is very opaque) to paint the outer part of the ornament. I also learned today, that you can use an acrylic base paint, let it dry, and use a stencil or carbon paper to transfer your drawing to the ornament. You can proceed and paint the ornament after that based on your drawing creation. This transfers the drawing but it does not leave the ornament stained with the ink of the carbon paper. You have to be gentle when pressing on the carbon paper to transfer your drawing. I will like to try oil paintings but they take too long to dry, even with Liquin. I am also concerned about the ability of oils to stick to the surface of glass. Good luck and happy painting.

How to organize a small art studio

I decided to set up a small art studio in a room at home until I get a bigger studio in a commercial building. As I began this project, I did not realize the amount of work and the budget that was necessary to organize one small room to become a useful part of real estate. I should have begun with a budget for the whole project instead of buying materials first.  My suggestion to those individuals that are considering the idea of re-organizing a small area in your home to your craft is to determine whether you are ready for this project. It was time consuming and even expensive. I began with great ideas such as buying shelves, etc. to organize the small room. Then I realize that I had to put some of the shelves together and the space was limited. I began by:

  1. Developing a new budget to determine how much money I could allocate to this project and even if this amount was possible.


  1. Organizing my paints into containers. This part began fine until I realize how much old paint I had that needed to be reviewed to determine if I wanted to retain all this paint.


  1. Buying materials to store some of the paint. I am aware that different types of paint have different storage requirements. Since paints are chemicals, I looked at their SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for different types of paints to see the storage requirements.


  1. I had to get creative because I had a lot of paint to store. I did not realize how much paint an individual can buy through many years of working in an artistic craft. I also found more paint after moving. I am still storing paint depending on their requirements.


  1. I had to look at the space requirements and see if I wanted to hang shelves on the walls, etc. Since I have no desire to repaint the whole entire room, in the future, I opted for some shelves that do not require to be anchored to the wall, etc.


  1. After I finished organizing my paints, I had to organize all my paint brushes and knives. A good idea was to follow this article and place all brushes in a planter.


  1. I also organized all small pieces of beads, etc. by placing them in plastic containers and keeping them all in one area. This included jewelry tools, beads, wires, etc.


  1. I sorted all acrylic colors based on the primary colors red, blue and yellow and placed them in baby formula containers. I had a bookcase and I used that to organize them all in one area.


  1. I keep any photography equipment to photograph artwork in a photography bag. This keeps everything organized and easy to find.


  1. I bought from IKEA, some hanging hooks that can be used to hang all my oil colors facing down, so that the linseed oil is kept facing the lid to keep them from drying in the lid area.


  1. I began to work on crafts to make for a Christmas Bazaar. I am in the process of making Christmas crafts and a booth to display my art. I plan to cut everything in a different part of the house and bring them up to the room to paint them.


  1. I constantly continue to bring materials from a different part of the house and organize them in the small art room. I have a limitation of space, so I cannot bring much into that room.


I will continue to write about my organization project. See you soon,

Rossana Kelton

How I have started to sell my original fine art paintings on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

This is my first time attempting to sell online at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and through the internet. I began by reading an article online stating that you could start selling your products on Pinterest. I have been very interested in selling my products in that platform and I had set up a business account so that I could do this. I had originally set up an individual account in Pinterest which I converted to a business account with the sole purpose of selling my original fine art paintings in the future. I am very excited about the possibility of selling my original fine art paintings in Facebook and Twitter. I have a Facebook account at facebook/rossana.kelton and have been looking forward to showing my latest fine art creations on Facebook. This was originally an individual account which I converted to a business account. I am excited at the possibility of finally selling my products through the Facebook channel. I am also looking forward to selling on Twitter. I have a Twitter account, and I am looking forward to showcasing my fine art creations on Twitter for sale. I realize that it will take more than just placing a tweet with the Shopify information to sell on this platform. I think that socializing and meeting new artists and customers will also help. My main goal is to sell all my original fine art paintings so that I can begin to work on abstract landscaping and working in Plein air like the original impressionists worked. These are my news as of July 13, 2016. I will continue to post as I continue to add more products to my new

Shopify store:

I have to say that I have been trying to sell on Etsy for the past ten years and I have not had any luck selling my original fine art paintings there. I have worked on improving my site, performing new research to view other more successful sites and I have not had the same success. I finally removed my site from Etsy but I am considering starting a site again. I just feel that I have not been able to get as many sales as Ebay, for example. The only problems with Ebay is that after they changed their policies multiple times I made a decision not to sell my art there. I was not very comfortable with their new policy of sending the items to the customer right away. I have been burned in Ebay before with customers that sent payments that were fake (do not accept checks on Ebay any more, only Paypal). All I have to state is that I hope that everything goes well and that this new venture with Shopify is successful. If any one wants to comment, I am open for suggestions.

Rossana Kelton, Artist