Art Happens Here, Save a Life, One for One

Rossana “Rossi” Kelton is a Fine Artist of Innovation. Rossi offers new and experimental fine art at any price point and available worldwide.

Founded in October 2007 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Rossi is a trusted fine art gallery for people to discover innovative, original, unique oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings available worldwide- online or from a mobile home or tablet.

Rossi’s story begins in Montevideo, Uruguay, in South America. She started painting when she was five years old. She came to the U.S when she was a child and has been painting ever since.  The reason Rossi donates to the American Cancer Foundation and the AIDS Foundation of Atlanta, Georgia is because she had many friends who passed away from both Cancer and AIDS and she wants to save a life one for one. For every product you purchase, Rossi donates 25% of the purchase to save a life. She wants to fight Cancer and save lives. In another lifetime, Rossi worked as a researcher in a company that was working on an anti-cancer drug. Currently, she is working on creating new and experimental art, she wants to give back. She was the granddaughter and niece of two wonderful women that lost their battle with cancer.

She will post the latest information about her new and exciting artistic creations on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and her online store.  Rossi also wants to help other artists with their art careers by providing useful information about safety, selling art and art techniques.

She can empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test a problem until it is resolved. She follows a solution-based approach in designing a more beautiful home or office experience for every budget.

Whether the decoration of a beautiful apartment, a beautiful home or office, Rossi connects people to unique works of fine art, on any price point, available worldwide. With a world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Rossi is the easiest way for people to buy quality, affordable fine art

Give Hope All Year Long!!

I am donating 25% of all proceeds from the sale of our art to:
1. AIDS Foundation of Atlanta, GA
2. American Cancer Society

Rossi’s Store  at:

Rossi’s Portfolio:



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